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Follow Up Info....Lost in the Sticks - The Spirit of RaveCamp...

About Follow Up Info....Lost in the Sticks

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Here we go boys and girls, the OFFICIAL info thus far:

Stickman Productions presents
In association with Liquidbeat.com:

Lost in the Sticks
Saturday May 22nd, 2004
Grand Forks, British Columbia

The lowdown:
Camp out in a sweet meadow next to crystal clear stream in the middle of nowhere! Start the summer off right - no way better than an outdoor during May long weekend!

2 Pounding Forest Stages!

Tickets will be about $15 per person. There will be NO pre-sales for this event - bring yourself, your money and be prepared to have a kick ass time! Day of Infoline to be released.

The line-up:

Adam Audio - Trancey Breaks - (Calgary)
Thanatos - (Vancouver)
Decki - Hard trance - (Kelowna)
PAsuplex - Live Progressive Trance and Breaks - (Nelson)
Brisko - Nu-skool Breaks - (Kamloops)
Bfs - House and Breaks - (Kelowna)
Joseph Martin - Tech Trance - (Kelowna)
Trevor Refix - House - (Nomad)
Oracle - House - (Kelowna)
Antipop - Garagey Nu-skool Breaks -(Kelowna)
Troll - Live PA -(Grand Forks)
AudioHazard - Hip-hop and stuff - (Grand Forks)
illdred - Dark Industrial "Techno" - (Grand Forks)
and the Stickman himself - (Grand Forks)

Remember this venue is outdoors, dress WARM, and think about bringing a blanket, and maybe a couple thermoses full of hot chocolate or coffee (or a camp stove for making these things...camping will be permitted after the event). Keep warm people. It might be in may, but we don't want you freezing in the early morning hours.

Have a good one, hope to see you there.

I have a feeling only the truly adventerous will make it out for this.

For more information, contact: ivan@australia.edu

or see the Forums @ http://www.liquidbeat.com

It'd be cool to see the RaveCamp crew out for this one. :D
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