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Frostbite!! - The Spirit of RaveCamp...

About Frostbite!!

Previous Entry Frostbite!! Dec. 23rd, 2003 @ 04:00 pm Next Entry
Hey everyone, this is my first post here. Just wanted to talk about how AWESOME frostbite was!

It was my very first rave ever. I've only been to majestik and decadance before this. We drove to calgary at like 7pm, got there around midnight. The line up was annoying and there were way too many people budding in line. What's up with groups of like 20 people skipping the entire line? Do they not see the people patiently waiting for like 40 minutes!

Anyways, the security was crazy, they confiscated gum even. They searched in my shoes! After being frisked and putting my shoes back on we finally got to go in. There were 2 rooms, one quieter and smaller, and the other one massive and very loud.

When we first got there we were just kinda standing around listening to the music and watching everyone party. I was kinda dissapointed... I didn't know how I was gonna pass 5 or 6 hours. But then I thought, this is dumb, so I went and bought some glowsticks and started dancing. That's when I really started to enjoy myself. I just let go and danced like mad. It was sooo amazing. Who would've thought that waving around glowsticks could be so enjoyable?

I didn't catch much other than AVB's set. It was not his greatest set ever, but it was the first one that I had heard live, so to me it was. I heard Lil Miss Booty was really good, but I don't remember her (maybe I missed her).

We left at like 5am and started the long drive home. But, dirk (the one doing all the driving) was exhausted, so we had to pull over and sleep in the van for a bit. We made it back in edmonton at around 10 am. I was soooooo tired, but it was soo worth it.

I have to go to another rave!!!

What'd everyone else think? Where were ravecamp people?
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Date:December 25th, 2003 03:24 pm (UTC)
i'm glad u had lots of fun at ur first rave!! :D

I wish i had been able to make it to frostbite *snifflez*
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Date:December 27th, 2003 12:54 am (UTC)
yeah frostbite kicked ASS but i hardly remember any of the music...i was too busy socializing. it was, after all, the first party i went to since moving to Calgary. I had to meet people. i met a lot of people from Edmonton actually - chilled with them for most of the night. t'was grand.

i should have danced more. and now i get to go home (to the kootenays) for new years eve and go to a wicked party known as BASS WARS. aaah, there's no rave like home. *laughs*

you should come to melody in January. that party is gonna be like 1000x better than frostbite, i can garuntee! the dj lineup is absoloutely phenomenal, 3 rooms, 18+ drinking area, and it's gonna have the most wicked of vibes.

glad you had an excellent time at FB. yay for first time calgary parties!

much love, xoxox


Shambhala 2003

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